Eulogy for Mom: How to Write a Loving Eulogy for Your Mother

Published: 03rd February 2011
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It is always a said time when a loved one passes on. It is really hard when it is your mother. You may wander how to write a eulogy for your own mother when you are grieving from such a close loss.

Although very challenging, writing a eulogy for your mother can actually be helpful for the grieving process. This can also lead to healing the sorrow of the loss. This may sound more difficult than it really is.

Some individuals might be able to write an entire eulogy in one setting. This may be easier to do for some people than others. That is alright, because every person is different. You don't have to be a writer to be able to write a eulogy. Take whatever time you need to write it, even if it takes a few hours to do.

A eulogy is about writing and saying your own feelings towards your mother. Don't say what others want you to say. The words you speak about your own mother in the eulogy are your words coming from your innermost feelings about her. You could say how you felt about her, how much love and care you had for her and from her. Most of what you will write and say will be from your heart.

During your speech, you may want to address the good memories that are special to you and your mom. That kind of relationship is like no other relationship a person will ever have. Your mother and child relationship is worth talking about in the eulogy you write for her. These memories are a great part of any relationship, so talk about it. You might even consider delivering your eulogy as if you were speaking directly to your mother. Your mom would still love these memorable talks with you.

Whatever you want to write and say in the eulogy for her is a great idea, as long as it is not mean spirited in any way. Your eulogy can be about your love, memories and even tears. Writing a eulogy will help you grieve. It will help you heal. A eulogy will help you remember your mother in a special way.

As you are writing the eulogy for your mother, remember to write from your heart and memories. It is a form of high praise you are giving to her. Praise your mother in it. Talk to your mother in it. Don't forget, the eulogy you are putting together for your mom is for her from you. Love her even though you are crying.


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